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How to Remove Links From Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex Jubilee bracelet

Rolex’s Jubilee bracelet is known all over the world for its iconic design, and it is replicated and imitated by a number of watch brands due to its comfortable fit and stylish look.

The Jubilee bracelet goes well for all occasions, but as with all watches, it is important that you have set your Jubilee bracelet to perfection so that fit sits comfortably. Having your watch too tight or too loose can harm your experience and make you appreciate your Rolex less. But maybe most importantly is that it can damage your wrist or even cause blisters if you don’t have an appropriately sized bracelet.

There are several ways to change the size of your Rolex bracelet, and this depends on which bracelet you have. Rolex has several bracelets from its watches depending on the model and the purpose of the watch.

The Jubilee bracelet was released in 1945 and came fitted on the first Datejust watch made by Rolex. The first Datejust was released to commemorate Rolex’s 40th anniversary, thus giving the Jubilee bracelet its name.

Originally, the Jubilee bracelet was crafted in solid gold, but today, this has expanded to now include all of Rolex’s metals.

The Rolex Jubilee bracelet is a bracelet with many personalities. While Rolex originally only used the bracelet for its Datejust jubilee watch, Rolex eventually came to offer the bracelet across different collections for both men and women. 

This covered both dress and sports watches, in all different metal configurations, and this proved that the Jubilee bracelet was a bracelet which could be used for all different kinds of occasions. In other words a very universal bracelet.

Now that we’ve got a better understanding of the Rolex Jubilee bracelet and what it’s all about, let’s look at how you can remove links from a Rolex Jubilee bracelet.

How to remove links from Rolex Jubilee bracelet

When you buy a Rolex watch, whether brand new or pre-loved, chances are, the watch isn’t going to fit your wrist perfectly right from the get. In fact, it’s quite unlikely that the person wearing it before you had the exact same wrist size as you or even preferred to have their watches the way you do.

Now, for all of Rolex’s watches, the way you most often adjust the size of them is by removing links from the bracelet. You can remove links from all Rolex bracelets.

The Rolex Submariner and SeaDweller also have a ”Glidelock clasp”, which enables you to instantly change the size of your watch some millimeters with the need of any tools. Furthermore, the Sea Dweller also has a diver’s extension, allowing it to be worn on top of a diver’s suit.

Many Rolex watches offer the opportunity to set the size of the watch by pushing in the springbar that is holding the clasp and the end of the bracelet together, but this is the fine-adjustment that will only change the size of your watch with a few millimeters.

If you are looking to adjust your Rolex Jubilee bracelet more extensively, you should be looking at removing links from your Jubilee bracelet. But after all, that’s the reason why you’re here.

Rolex Jubilee bracelet
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The good news is that you remove links from your bracelets to adjust the size of it essentially in the same way.

If your watch is too loose, which is the case if you want to remove links from Rolex Jubilee bracelet, this is how you do it:

To remove links from Rolex Jubilee bracelet, you need:

A Rolex Jubilee bracelet and a jewelers’ screwdriver kit.

Have in mind that this method can be done for all of Rolex’s bracelets.

1. Begin by determining how many links you want to remove from your bracelet. If you’re unsure, it’s better to remove too few than too many as it will demand less job.

2. Identify the links closest to the clasp. On one side of the bracelet, you’ll see the bottoms of the pins which are holding the links together. On the other side of the bracelet, you’ll see slits for a screwdriver.

3.Using an appropriate screwdriver, remove the screws from the link. Loosen the pin on the bracelet until it gets detached inside the link.

4. Now, use a pair of pliers to grab the pin and then pull it out of the link to detach it.

5. When you’ve removed the links you want, slide together the two links which have been separated and make sure the pinhole align.

6. Take the pin, insert it into the bracelet, and screw the pin back in place. It is also recommended that you apply a small amount of Loctite on the end of one pin before you join the links together.

Make sure you keep all of the links that you remove in case you would sell your Rolex watch in the future as this will affect the value of the watch, or for if you will want to change the size of the bracelet in the future.


Have in mind that while this method to remove links from Jubilee bracelet, there are some older rolled link Jubilee bracelets that have soldered links and to change the size of a watch that has such, you would have cut the links in order to bend them. The ‘newer’ rolled link Jubilee bracelets have links that are scored and separated.

As such, these can be bent in order to remove links. As for this type of jubilee bracelet, it is best to not do it yourself as there’s simply too much risk that you’ll break something.

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