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Pre-Owned Rolex Watches: an Introduction Guide

three Rolex watches

Millennium Watches is proud to offer pre-owned Rolex watches – watches from one of the most well-known and respected watch brands in the world.

See our current collection of pre-owned Rolex watches, and if you cannot find the watch you’re looking for, you are more than welcome to use our ”source a watch service” and request us to source a specific pre-owned Rolex watch.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant dress watch or a sporty chronograph, Rolex has them all. And the good thing about buying pre-owned is that the selection of watches that you can choose from is larger than if you are going to buy your Rolex from a retailer since Rolex continuously discontinue models and stop producing timepieces.

But this is something you don’t have to consider when buying pre-owned Rolex watches. This makes the selection of Rolex watches you can choose from much larger and much more interesting – whether you want the most recent models or vintage pre-owned Rolex watches.

No matter if you’re a first-time Rolex buyer or an experienced collector, we will help you find the Rolex of your dreams.

Buying a Rolex with a discount new is quite difficult, and you seldom get much discount, and often times, watches are hard to find for immediate purchase.

At Millennium Watches, we normally, depending on the model, offer large discounts from the recommended retail price, which allows you to get your dream watch much cheaper – without having to negotiate a discount. We guarantee the authenticity of all pre-owned Rolex watches, and each and every watch for sale have been carefully inspected and controlled by our team.

Rolex submariner 116610LV wrist shot

We offer pre-owned Rolex watches of all types in our shop – from brand new, unworn watches with factory stickers, to fifty-year-old vintage watches and everything in between.

Rolex watches which are less than five years old still come with its original factory warranty which is a five-year warranty, as long as the certificate belonging the watch is left. This is Rolex’s guarantee that their watches will continue to work flawlessly.

Background and history

Today, Rolex is one of the most well-known and respected watch brands in the world. If there’s one luxury watch brand that people know about, whether you’re asking someone who knows nothing about watches or someone, the majority will say Rolex.

Rolex is synonymous with success, reliability, luxury, and quality, and for being the ultimate status symbol. In fact, thought the years, Rolex has been worn by some of the most influential and powerful human beings in the world.

Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, and unlike what most people think, Rolex was not founded in Switzerland, which is the capital of luxury watches. Instead, Rolex was founded by Wilsdorf in England, but soon thereafter, it was moved to Switzerland.

Rolex is responsible for many technical feats and important watch innovations. It is, for example, responsible for the world’s first certified Chronometer watch.

Rolex has always been known as a watch brand that focuses on innovation rather than revolution for the most part, and this has allowed Rolex to constantly push the boundaries further, produce and develop more advanced, accurate, and reliable timepieces of high quality. This has also allowed Rolex timepieces to continue ticking year after year, and this is also the reason why there is a large selection of older pre-owned Rolex watches that, despite their age, work flawlessly, and allows you to wear something old and vintage.

three Rolex watches

Today, the pre-owned Rolex market is the single most popular pre-owned watch market. The demand for Rolex watches is huge, and this also reflects the huge popularity that Rolex has. This goes for both the vintage pieces, some of which fetch millions of dollars at auction or more modern watches, which can be found at prices below the retail price so you can be confident that you’ve found a great deal.

Therefore, Millennium Watches is proud to offer a range of pre-owned Rolex watches of all types of models including the most popular Submariner, GMT-Master II, Datejust, and everything in between.

Walking into an authorized Rolex dealer to purchase your Rolex watch is a special experience, but it’s worth asking yourself what is the smartest decision since you can buy pre-owned Rolex watches and save up to 35%. You can even buy completely new watches that are just like when you buy them from an authorized dealer but save money doing so.

This is something that is hard to neglect since Rolex watches tend to hold its value quite well, and if you buy pre-owned, the majority or all of the value drop of the watch has already happened, thus making it a better placement of capital and a better long-term investment that you probably won’t lose much on, if anything. In fact, you may even make money from your pre-owned Rolex watch long-term.

Difference between new Rolex watches and pre-owned Rolex watches?

The difference between pre-owned and brand new is very special when it comes to watches.

Similar to cars, Rolex watches can technically only be sold as brand new from authorized dealers. As soon as the watch is taken outside the authorized dealer, the warranty card is stamped and dated, and even though the watch may be fully stickered and untouched, it is technically pre-owned.

The vast majority of Rolex watches tend to depreciate in value when they are taken outside the authorized dealer, and thus become pre-owned – some more than others, and so this is something that makes buying pre-owned more attractive, since much of the depreciation has already happened as it was taken from the authorized dealer, allowing you to make a better deal.

Only authorized Rolex dealers can sell Rolex watches as brand new, and they are also the only ones which can sell many Rolex watches at retail prices, since, on the secondhand market, people are not willing to pay full retail price for many models.

Pre-owned Rolex watches, on the other hand, are Rolex watches which can vary in age and condition. Even if a watch is fully sticker, it is considered pre-owned when sold by a third-party, non-official Rolex dealer.

A pre-owned Rolex watches can be a technically completely new and unworn watch, but it can also be a 60-year-old Datejust. And this is what makes the selection of pre-owned watches so interesting.

Rolex Submariner 116613LB two tone

Advantages of a Pre-owned Rolex Watch

We’ve already shared some of the benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolex watch.

First off, Rolex is one of the world’s most popular watch brand, and this means that there is a huge demand for Rolex watches and a large secondhand/pre-owned market. As a result, prices tend to be stable, and because of the strong brand that Rolex is, the watches tend to hold their value relatively well.

As such, if you, after some time wish to sell your Rolex watch, in most cases, you won’t have any problem selling it.

Secondly, Rolex makes watches of extremely high quality and reliability. Rolex’s watches are known to be workhorses that continue to tick year after year, and this makes them great collectibles and perfect heirlooms.

Thirdly, as mentioned, most Rolex watches tend to depreciate somewhat in value, but when buying pre-owned, most or all of the depreciation has already taken place, which means that you will seldom lose a lot of money when buying a pre-owned Rolex.

Rolex is among the brands that hold its value the best, with many watches increasing heavily in value, and this also makes them great investment pieces.

Rolex Explorer 114270 wristshot

Where to buy pre-owned Rolex watches?

With the huge demand for pre-owned Rolex watches, the supply of them is quite large.

Where should you buy your pre-owned Rolex watch?

For most people, a Rolex watch is a big and significant purchase, and therefore, it is important that you buy pre-owned Rolex watches from reputable sources no matter if you’re buying vintage or completely new timepieces.

There are many unserious and unprofessional sellers out there which are not to be trusted, and this is why it’s crucial that you buy from reputable and trusted sources like Millennium Watches. 

We have many years of expertise with Rolex watches, and on the internet, you can find used Rolex near me by visiting our website to find the best deals.

investments. If you are on the hunt online searching Google for a “used Rolex near me”, consider that you do not have to settle for going to a brick and mortar store to make that purchase. Bob’s Watches has remained the leading source for buying Rolex watches online since 2010, and the quality of our service and watches is represented by the 5-star rating we have from over 500+ verified transactions in just the past year alone.

See our complete selection of pre-owned Rolex watches for sale.


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