About Millennium Watches

Millennium Watches was founded in 2014 with one of the largest Instagram watch blogs – Wwatches. And was then built upon the established reputation and trust that we have gotten over the years from our fans, customers, and partners. Our passion, fascination, and love for the world of watches, on the other hand, is far older than that.

Passion, expertise, and honesty are words that work as guiding stars for Millennium Watches. We can’t promise that we will have the largest supply of watches or that we will have the absolute latest models available, but what we can promise is that we will do everything we can, and try our very hardest to make sure that your experience with us is the best it can be. We are a devoted and passionate team and are more than happy to help you throughout the whole process. We strive to cater for watch enthusiasts and collectors just as much as for the first-time watch buyer.

Behind Millennium watches is a team of people who have a genuine passion for watches. We have many years of experience within the world of horology and are greatly passionate in helping you find your dream watch that will bring you many years of joy, follow you through many periods in your life, or work as the perfect gift to someone you love. No matter if you are looking for your first watch to commemorate a special event, or to simply add a dream piece to your existing collection, we hope to get the pleasure of aiding you in the process.



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